Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Models of Curriculum Development

Ralph Tyler's Model/Rationale
Ralph Tyler considered four considerations in curriculum development:
1. purposes of the school
2. educational experiences related to the purposes
3. organization of the experiences
4. evaluation of the experiences

Hilda Taba's Linear Model
Hilda Taba believed that teachers who teach or implement the curriculum should participate in developing it. Her advocacy was commonly called the "grassroots approach" where teachers could have a major input. She presented seven major steps:
1. diagnosis of learners needs and expectations of the larger society
2. formulation of learning objectives
3. selection of learning content
4. organization of learning content
5. selection of learning experiences
6. organization of learning activities
7. determination of what to evaluate and the means of doing it.

(From the two curriculum models, what are the three interacting processes in curriculum development? Show its relationship)

(Source: Curriculum Development by P. Bilbao, et al., LoreMar Pub., 2008)


  1. Dear Dr.Alonsabe;
    Thank you very much for posting the curr.models..I am not yet finish reading but I already gain knowledge from it.More power and graces ahead..

    Linda D. Saab

  2. Dear Educators,

    It would have been awesome to have this worldwide site when I was teaching.

    My focus has been on Teaching for Thinking and Co-operative Learning.

    I wish those of you who are meeting in Estonia in December at the Hilda Taba conference a lot of joy in listening and sharing.

    Good Luck,

    Lennor in Victoria, B.C. Canada

  3. Hello po, i hope you could help me in my Professional Education subject about Curriculum development. We were asked to compare and contrast the elements of design of Taba and Tyler. What were their commonalities and at the same time their differences? Thank you.

  4. What are the key component of curriculum ?

  5. thanks for your comments on curriculum models but when you are asked to compare and contrast Tyler curriculum development model with other curriculum models what does it mean?

  6. Hi Ma'am,would like to ask if you can help me more in discussing the models of curriculum development, (among the two models, which are better?) I am a Post Bac Student in one of the State University in Manila, taking up a short courses in Education and hoping someday to pass the board exam and like you be a great educator in the future. Your tips and insights would be a great help for me.